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Just released: Free Rapid Team Alignment E-Book

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Rapid Team Alignment

MODAL has been working closely with leaders and their teams for years, helping build strong, cohesive teams that continue delivering high-performance time and time and again. Coming off the success of our Rapid Team Alignment program, we have been working hard to produce a valuable E-Book for leaders to assist them in taking their newly formed teams from Forming all the way through to Performing with a few essential steps.

This E-Book is now available for you to download for free.

A lack of clarity and alignment within teams can affect organisational outcomes in a majority of ways, especially during times of change or growth. In fact, 97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project.

Without teams that are aligned with each other, aligned to a single purpose or who have different ideas of priorities and objectives, your culture and your organisation can be heavily affected.

In our E-Book, we will walk you through some essential steps to rapidly aligning your team so that you can move through to a higher level of alignment and performance. You will learn how to uncover problems, get to the root cause of them and also plan the journey towards success.

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Ed Benier

Ed Benier

Ed is a director at Modal and delivers leadership solutions that create sustainable, positive behaviour change, with the focus on achieving a “leadership culture” within organisations.