About Us

Based in Western Australia and established and founded by Neil McGrechan in 1993, MODAL has operated nationally and internationally with some of the country’s most successful organisations. We take a partnering approach to building capability with our customers and their organisations to improve clarity, engagement, alignment, collaboration and productivity.

Under the Directorship of Scott & Ed since 2014, MODAL has continued to grow to be one of Western Australia’s most well known leadership development organisations. Our focus is on delivering programs that achieve sustainable behaviour change using proven MODAL methods.

Located in West Perth, we conduct programs in-house as well as on site, interstate and overseas.

Our Approach

We strive to be customer focused and take a genuine partnering approach.

We are practical and pragmatic in our approach and pride ourselves on our down to earth, genuine style and our ability to “tell it like it is” in a constructive way. This ensures an authentic and collaborative relationship that is built on trust.

MODAL provides solutions that deliver sustainable behaviour change as well as embedding real value. Our approach is unique in the way we…

  • Measure your success and demonstrate clear ROI – we set KPI’s at the start of each program and provide data to show a shift in your people’s behaviour.
  • Take a Holistic approach – we work at all levels of the organisation from the Executive down to the frontline.
  • Are a passionate, practical people – at all levels, our people get up in the morning because they are motivated to make a difference with individuals, teams and organisations. From demonstrating compassion, to holding your people and ourselves to account, we tell it like it is.
  • Deliver High Impact Action Learning – we use experiential activities, simulations, and workplace improvement projects to make learning practical and transferrable to the workplace.
  • Offer a Blended learning approach – added flexibility of on-line as well as face-to-face learning options, to minimise people’s downtime and improve quick access to resources.

Meet Our Experts and Facilitators

Our Team includes consultants and project administrators, each with extensive experience across a range of industry fields and leadership roles. The Team will partner with you on every project, from inception to completion.

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We work closely with you to diagnose and identify any opportunities within your organisation for improvement in leadership, team development and culture and choose a program or design a custom program that will lead to success.

Deliver the program

We execute the plan with you and your team in a way that generates immediate results, achieves learning objectives and delivers your organisational outcomes.

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