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We provide coaching frameworks for learning and development through others.

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Is guided learning the missing link in your organisation’s learning and development?

Research over time has concluded that supported and guided learning can have a significant impact on the learning and development of individuals within organisations. This can be at a leadership level or at a team level and supported and guided learning is often be the difference between success and failure when it comes to implementing processes and successfully sharing knowledge.

Utilising the 70:20:10 principle for effective learning by Morgan McCall, Michael M. Lombardo and Robert A. Eichinger – Coaching manifests itself during the 20% of learning through others to.

Coaching plays a big role alongside experienced-based and formal learning. Often coined as social learning, informal learning or exposure, this mentorship component of a learning and development process can provide information, contextual knowledge and other stories that can really accelerate the process.

MODAL provides coaching services that accelerate the learning and development of leaders and also services that empower those leaders to act in a similar capacity for their team. We prioritise coaching as we believe it has significant implications for the approach we take to learning and to developing workforce capability.

Our Coaching Services:

We offer coaching services to leaders who want to accelerate their own development
and also for those who are accountable for providing coaching in real time for the
learning and development of others.

Coaching for Leadership Development

Our coaching process is designed to accelerate leadership development and learning as an addition to, or replacement of, a more traditional training program. Coaching is a direct and highly effective way of realising an individual’s natural strengths to help them appreciate how those talents can deliver and support an organisation’s goals.

Our coaching program is custom-designed to accelerate the learning and development of an individual.

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Coaching future Coaches

We offer a unique program that trains your leaders into being better coaches themselves – to ignite guided and supported social learning from within. Coaching needs to be undertaken from within your organisation, to accelerate  learning and development when it comes to things like implementing new processes, sharing knowledge or learning.

Our ‘Coaching for Impact and Performance’ program works with leaders to enable them to be better coaches.

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MODAL has been coaching individuals within organisations since 1993. Our coaching experts understand just how direct and highly effective coaching can be to realise an individual’s natural strengths. Their approach involves understanding the drivers that underpin behaviours, therefore not just looking at what coachee’s can do differently to be more effective, but how they can be more consciously aware and mindful of their leadership and interpersonal practices.

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