Leaders of team development

Leadership development program improving leader knowledge and skills aligned to team performance.

Part of the High-Impact Integrated Teams Pathway

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Rooted somewhere deep in society is our search for – and aspiration to become – hero leaders. The ones that step in to lead a team towards victory and save the company from declining profits or unfavourable performance. This idea backs up a lot of leadership development and the skills and knowledge that are still being taught to leaders around the world do not motivate, empower or get the most out of the numerous teams that are enabling organisations to thrive.

77% of organisations say they are experience a leadership gap.

Leadership development needs to shift to empower leaders to lead effective teams and move from developing individual leader knowledge and skills and focus on developing ‘leaders of teams’. This is the only way that they will succeed.

Our leaders of teams program (delivered as a Nationally Accredited Diploma or Cert IV program, or a customised program) improves leader knowledge and skills that are aligned to team performance so that they are able to lead a team effectively towards their organisational goals.

This program is part of the High-Impact Integrated Teams Pathway

Program Overview:


Ideal for:

  • New to role leaders
  • Leaders moving to next level leadership skills
  • Multi-functional – project team leaders
  • Team leaders with little prior development

Programs available

  • Nationally Accredited Diploma or Certificate IV programs
  • Customised leader program to meet organisational needs

Tools utilised:

  • LSI 360 feedback
  • Various others depend on the design of program content

Key concepts:

  • Understanding key functions of contemporary leaders
  • Understand and apply emotional intelligence (self and others) in dynamic environments
  • Effective team communication in a noisy world
  • Building team psychological safety
  • Future focus mindset – getting out of the day-to-day weeds
  • Setting teams purpose, goals and providing direction
  • Constructive team norms and behaviours
  • Engaging team in planning and executing the work
  • In-time performance feedback
  • Workplace coaching skills
  • Facilitative leadership approach
  • Collaborating across boundaries

Workplace systems-processes that support implementation:

  • Team planning process
  • Workplace monitoring, feedback, and coaching
  • Team meeting process
  • Kanban workflow system
  • Team charter
  • Joint team collaboration processes

Leaders of Team Development
Program Outcomes:

MODAL has been delivering accredited leadership development programs for decades, but recognises there is a big difference between the leadership development programs in the market. One such difference being the relevance of the program to the organisations goals, and the environment in which the leader is embedded.

MODAL’s leadership development program that focuses on Leaders of Teams, not only provides leaders with knowledge and learnings that can be applied to any situation, but enables them to put that learning into immediate practice with relevant work-place assignments and feedback.

  • Improved leader knowledge and skills aligned to team performance
  • Future-focused leader approach
  • Embedded facilitation and coaching style
  • Improved leader–team relationships
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • High level of confidence to lead the team effectively


MODAL has worked on team alignment and culture for decades, partnering with organisations such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Western Power and Ramsay Healthcare to develop leaders and strengthen culture since 1993. Our approach to developing stronger and more aligned teams includes:

  • A true partnering approach to design and deliver best practice content and process
  • Tried and tested techniques and program structure that leads to ongoing results
  • A systematic approach to development with multiple learning opportunities over time to help translate learning into real behaviour change in the workplace
  • Generating a positive Return on Investment through workplace improvement projects
  • Producing real, sustainable behavioural change through high impact action leaning and a 70:20:10 development philosophy
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