Why most leadership development no longer works and how 3 small changes can guarantee greater ROI

“… Senior executives and their HR teams continue to pour money into training, year after year, in an effort to trigger organizational change. But what they actually need is a new way of thinking about learning and development.” – Harvard Business Review

There’s a problem: learning and development doesn’t work.

Companies all over the world are investing in learning and development every year to the tune of over $336 Billion globally, with very little to show for it. The complex business world we exist in now calls for more advanced leaders, dynamic teams and learning experiences that are tangible and relative to create effective behavioural change. Something that most learning and development lacks.

of teams fail because of a lack of training.
of teams are together less than one year.
of organisations say they are experiencing a leadership gap.

In this FREE Ebook you will:


Learn the 3 critical elements of learning and development that your organisation may be lacking (and what the solution is)

Discover how learning and development has changed and what the early adopters are now harnessing for success

Learn how to approach team development for long-term success (not just temporary collaboration)

Learn about Hero Leaders – who they are and why we no longer need them

Discover what your leaders need to learn in order to succeed in the complex environment

Find out why team integration is absolutely essential and how to make small changes that will improve your performance immensely

EBook Chapters:

Chapter 1:

How to eliminate the Hero Leader mentality

The problem:

Rooted somewhere deep in society is our search for – and aspiration to become – hero leaders. Time and time again, organisations search for this individual, and hire this individual to command-and-control a company strategy that rescues the organisation right on time. Spoiler: it no longer works.

Chapter 2:

A comprehensive approach to high-performing teams

The problem:

Over time, the effectiveness team development has diminished. It has become so common and thrown around that carefully crafted and tailored development opportunities for leaders and teams diluted into simplistic team building activities in the form of fun half-day games. 

Chapter 3:

Breaking down team and functional silos

The problem:
“High-performing-team silos” are becoming more and more common within organisations. Each of your teams may be effective in delivering their own goals, but how well do they work together with other teams on organisational goals?

The solution??

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“Change and the ever-increasing need for management teams to adapt and meet challenges has never been so profound. MODAL has been a critical part of the evolution and alignment of several team I have worked in across different industries and sectors and bring a unique ability to engage with and challenge team functioning and dynamics, and build alignment and accountability to ensure teams and their delivery is the strongest it can be.”

Steve PaulDirector of Corporate Services, VenuesWest