Integrated Teams

Break down departmental and functional silos through alignment and integration.

Part of the High-Impact Integrated Teams Pathway

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Give your teams the tools they need to align and integrate with other functions to improve overall organisation success.

We know that organisations operate as a conglomerate of many teams, large and small, often competing for resources, but each having a role in delivering results.

When teams are developed in isolation or in a piecemeal fashion what normally results is a phenomenon we call – “High Performing Silos”. Team that are great at delivering individual results, but normally in some manner to the detriment of other team’s performance.

83% of executives said that silos exist in their companies

For you to break down your “high-performing-silos” and deliver high value to the whole organisation, we need to expand team development from a solely inward look at your own team, to a wider understanding of how your team interacts with the other teams as cogs in the organisation.

By applying a collaborative – cooperative team developmental approach allows teams to better understand each other’s needs to achieve best performance. Teams are able to assist each other in the development process.

This program is part of the High-Impact Integrated Teams Pathway

Program Overview

Ideal for:

  • Multiple workplace teams (i.e., MEM or Production teams)
  • Project – Multi-functional Teams
  • Siloed functions, departments, and teams
  • Teams with little development

Tools utilised:


Key concepts:

  • Alignment to organisational goals and objective
  • Setting collective goals and integrated performance measures
  • Collective awareness – internal team dynamics and external to the team dynamics
  • Understanding team intelligence
  • Building trust and accountability between teams and departments
  • Collaboration across boundaries
  • Building Constructive norms and behaviours between teams
  • Collective performance feedback

Workplace systems-processes that support implementation:

  • Setting collective goals and activities
  • Cross-boundary communication processes
  • Meeting and sharing information protocols

Integrated Teams
Program Outcomes:

MODAL has developed the Integrated Teams program to break down the silos that exist between essential functions and workplace teams so that there is alignment between organisational goals and objectives.

This program works most effectively when teams are already performing.

  • More effective delivery of organisational goals
  • Workplace efficiency and effectiveness improvements
  • Cross collaboration and information sharing
  • One-team approach to work with collective goals
  • Improved engagement and retention of staff

System of teams:

When essential teams are working together towards the same goals and objectives, there is a much greater opportunity for success.


MODAL has worked on team alignment and culture for decades, partnering with organisations such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Western Power and Ramsay Healthcare to develop leaders and strengthen culture since 1993. Our approach to developing stronger and more aligned teams includes:

  • A true partnering approach to design and deliver best practice content and process
  • Tried and tested techniques and program structure that leads to ongoing results
  • A systematic approach to development with multiple learning opportunities over time to help translate learning into real behaviour change in the workplace
  • Generating a positive Return on Investment through workplace improvement projects
  • Producing real, sustainable behavioural change through high impact action leaning and a 70:20:10 development philosophy
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