Rapid Team Alignment

Unique program guaranteed to accelerate team alignment and performance in fast-changing organisations.

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Give your teams the tools they need to align quickly and continue to grow and develop through change.

A lack of clarity and alignment within teams can effect organisational outcomes in a majority of ways, especially during times of change or growth. Without teams that are aligned with each other, aligned to a single purpose or who have different ideas of priorities and objectives, your culture and your organisation can be heavily effected.

97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project

This lack of clarity and alignment can also cause more serious team issues that impact psychological safety such as confusion, poor relationships, decreased safety culture and uncertainty. By giving your teams the right tools they need to achieve rapid team alignment during times of high volume hiring, during times of growth or times of change, you can ensure they align rapidly but also in the long term.

Program Outcomes:


Ideal for:

  • Newly Formed Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Multi-functional Teams

Length of program:

  • 2 days + 1 day follow-up

Tools utilised:

  • DiSC
  • Modal Team Assessment

Key Concepts:

  • Psychological safety
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self-awareness
  • Leadership impact
  • Purpose and direction
  • Constructive norms and behaviours
  • In-time performance feedback

Workplace Systems that support implementation:

  • Kanban work flow system

Rapid Team Alignment
Program Outcomes:

  • Greater interdependent team safety behaviour
  • Exceed performance requirements in a timely manner
  • Earlier opportunities to improve team productivity
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness of decision making
  • Improved cohesion and constructive norms and behaviours
  • Clarity and alignment of purpose (team and individuals)
leadership training

MODAL has developed the Rapid Team Alignment program for organisations that need teams to align quickly and effectively to start achieving immediate operational objectives. During the program, team members will be immersed in contemporary team alignment and development concepts and principles that are applicable and adaptable to the workplace.

On completion of this program you can expect engaged team members delivering higher levels of productivity sooner and safer than if the team naturally matured. Why wait for them to eventually achieve performance when this program can accelerate their growth and team results.


MODAL has worked on team alignment and culture for decades, partnering with organisations such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Western Power and Ramsay Healthcare to develop leaders and strengthen culture since 1993. Our approach to developing stronger and more aligned teams includes:

  • A true partnering approach to design and deliver best practice content and process
  • Tried and tested techniques and program structure that leads to ongoing results
  • A systematic approach to development with multiple learning opportunities over time to help translate learning into real behaviour change in the workplace
  • Generating a positive Return on Investment through workplace improvement projects
  • Producing real, sustainable behavioural change through high impact action leaning and a 70:20:10 development philosophy
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