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Are dysfunctional teams harming your organisation and stopping you from reaching your goals?

You have all the right people working for you. They have the credentials, the experience and the commitment. But why can’t they work together as a team? It is no secret that teams outperform individuals acting alone especially when performance requires multiple skills, judgements, and experiences. When teams are not functioning at their best this can produce unhealthy conflict, reduce productivity, create re-work and take the focus off results and high performance. At the executive level this dysfunction has wider reaching impacts. It can be the decider between corporate success or failure.

Anyone who has worked in different teams will know how easy it is for teams to become dysfunctional. We are all individuals with competing agendas, egos and different personality traits.  Couple this with limited resources, lack of trust or unclear priorities, and you have the recipe for a dysfunctional in a team. When organisations go through change, hiring, restructuring or growth, re-alignment of teams can be one of the biggest opportunities to create the most success.

We help you create high-performing teams whilst also providing you with the skills needed to keep those teams strong in the face of any adversity and change.

Team Functioning

MODAL achieves high performing teams by working closely with workplace leaders and their intact team on the following aspects:

  • Defining a purpose for the team (separate to the organisation’s purpose) to create alignment
  • Determining and utilising a set of principles which guide how the team will function together
  • Building a deeper understanding of each other’s personality styles and drivers
  • Improving meeting processes and structures
  • Creating shared goals, mutual accountabilities and joint work products
  • Implementing technology systems that enable teams to work better together
  • Reviewing how and where team members spend their time to improve efficiencies
  • Surfacing the issues that are not being talked about that affect the team (naming the elephants in the room)

Our Team Development Services:

Customised Programs

If you want your teams to start working together to start achieving your organisational objectives more efficiently and effectively, we can create a tailored program that suits your business strategy and requirements. Our Team Development services tick all the boxes and delivers a positive return on investment.

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Specialised Programs

Our specialised programs capture and solve some of Australia’s biggest workplace problems. These programs have been developed from years of experience working within organisations on custom programs, when we identified common threads and desired outcomes.

Connecting Remote Teams for Performance

Give your teams the tools they need to continue performing and connecting through remote placement

Ideal for:
Virtual Teams   
Virtual Workshops and Coaching

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Rapid Team Alignment

The Rapid Team Alignment program is a unique program guaranteed to accelerate team alignment and performance in fast-changing organisations.

Ideal for: Newly formed teams, Project teams, Multi-functional teams
2 days + 1 day followup

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High Performing Teams

Unique program designed to transform established teams into High-Performing Teams. Part of the high-impact integrated teams pathway.

Ideal for: Underperforming teams, functioning teams
2 days minimum, customised for your organisation

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MODAL has worked with hundreds of teams over the last 20 years and has used this experience to build a robust team performance program that will guarantee results.  Our specialists facilitate results-based programs tailored to the outcomes our clients want to achieve, whilst also providing leaders with the tools and resources needed to continue developing purpose-aligned and high-performing teams in the future.

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We work closely with you to diagnose and identify any opportunities within your organisation for improvement in leadership, team development and culture and choose a program or design a custom program that will lead to success.

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We execute the plan with you and your team in a way that generates immediate results, achieves learning objectives and delivers your organisational outcomes.

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