High Performing Teams

Unique program designed to transform established teams into High-Performing Teams.

Part of the High-Impact Integrated Teams Pathway

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Are your teams reaching their goals effectively and efficiently? Are they aligned amongst one another and stay formed when times get tough? Do they keep each other accountable and practice emotional intelligence?

Although many organisations are now harnessing the power of teams to advance performance, there is still a big gap between a formed team, and a performing team.

60% of teams fail. A key reason is lack of development.

Our high performing team program moves formed teams through to high performing teams by embedding key team principles and processes for success. This program creates clarity and alignment, stronger team relationships and improved team effectiveness.

This program is part of the High-Impact Integrated Teams Pathway

Program Overview


Ideal for:

  • Newly formed teams
  • Teams stuck in storming, unable to normalise team process and principles
  • Start-up project, multi-functional teams looking to perform quickly
  • Intact workplace team with little development

Tools utilised:

  • DiSC behaviour analysis
  • Modal Team Analysis
  • Others as required

Key concepts:

  • Leader approach and responsibilities (less hero – more facilitator/coach)
  • Team principles and processes for success
  • Emotional intelligence – individual and collective
  • Team member self-awareness and best-self approach
  • Building team relationships – 5 principles
  • Having important team conversations
  • Commitment and accountability
  • Setting team purpose and goals

Workplace systems-processes that support implementation:

  • Team charter
  • Team meetings process
  • Information sharing and communicating
  • Team psychological safety
  • Generating ideas and continuous improvement

How we do it:

Foundations, fronting and function.

The three ingredients in an effective team-development approach.

The learning and progression through these phases often require multiple sessions with reinforcement, coaching, and definitely testing and application back in the workplace.

Through improved team Emotional Intelligence (EQ), team alignment and integration of activities, organisations have the opportunity to build true, high- performing teams that can not only deliver their individual goals flawlessly from within their silo but can integrate effectively with other teams to collectively value- add in their endeavours to achieving organisational goals.


The first phase we describe as the foundations which includes the leader’s leadership approach, team principles of behaviour and team processes.


The second phase involves developing team members Emotional Intelligence to have them fronting as their ‘best-self’.


Lastly, the members synergise their efforts, capitalising on their strengths to function as a high performing team delivering agreed goals.


High-Performing Teams

Program Outcomes

On completion of this program, your team(s) moves from a formed team through to a high-performing team by implementing all the MODAL high-performing team principles.

Outcomes include:

  • Clarity and alignment of team purpose and goals
  • Formal team charter (inc. Leader and member responsibilities)
  • Stronger team relationships based on mutual trust
  • Improved team effectiveness of problem-solving and decision making
  • Improved cohesion and constructive norms and behaviours
  • Effective delivery of outcomes and team goals

MODAL’s high performing team model


MODAL has worked on team alignment and culture for decades, partnering with organisations such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Western Power and Ramsay Healthcare to develop leaders and strengthen culture since 1993. Our approach to developing stronger and more aligned teams includes:

  • A true partnering approach to design and deliver best practice content and process
  • Tried and tested techniques and program structure that leads to ongoing results
  • A systematic approach to development with multiple learning opportunities over time to help translate learning into real behaviour change in the workplace
  • Generating a positive Return on Investment through workplace improvement projects
  • Producing real, sustainable behavioural change through high impact action leaning and a 70:20:10 development philosophy
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