integrated teams.

To be able to reach goals and drive performance, integrated teams are absolutely essential, and they represent the next horizon of innovation for organisations around the world.

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Advance team performance, develop team leaders and break down functional silos to achieve organisational outcomes.

The idea of a ‘team’ within an organisation is no longer the innovative, or even leading weapon that it was to organisations many years ago. Diluted over time, and lacking in effectiveness, “team building” has become such common practice for organisations all over the world that many are starting to question the ROI all together.

But as we have already proven – the need for teams is still integral. The potential performance of a high performing team is unquestionable. The difference between individual output and team output is overwhelming.

MODAL has spent decades working with teams all over the country to take them from a group of individuals through to a collective group that smashes their goals. But as the world has pivoted and become more complex, and as we experience more volatility and more competition than ever before we have identified the need for a new breed of teams: High-impact integrated teams.

These teams are high performing. They don’t buckle under change or
manipulation. They are self- organising, effective and aligned to one another all the time. They weren’t formed through “team bonding” activities, they were developed over time with the support of an effective leader and a crafted development strategy.

And most importantly, they are integrated with other teams. Useless are high-performing team silos to an organisation. To be able to reach goals and drive performance, integrated teams are absolutely essential, and they represent the next horizon of innovation for organisations around the world.

To be able to achieve this, MODAL has designed 3 unique programs that combine to achieve high-impact teams.

The below is the recommended pathway for development, however we acknowledge that every organisation is unique and we work with you to design a process that mirrors your individual requirements.

Leaders of Team Development

Moving from hero leadership to facilitative leadership is the first step towards high-performing integrated teams; empowering your leaders to be the leader of the team and enable the integration of teams.

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High-Impact Team Development Workshops

Developing the team to improve performance so they deliver upon team goals effectively and efficiently. A level of high-performance and maturity is necessary before beginning any integration activities.

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Integrated Team Development Workshops

Cross functional collaboration between teams is essential to deliver greater value to the organisation and its customers.

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Interested in this solution for your business? Talk to the MODAL team today so we can customise this program for your specific goals and structure.

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