Step Up together – for Safety and Performance

A unique program that creates a one team approach among partners on site

Create an interdependent team safety behaviour across multi functional and contractor teams.

Safety and productivity are the highest priority items for managers and front line leaders in mining across Australia. Whilst a lot of organisations excel at creating safe behaviours across internal project teams, those same behaviours and relationships are hard to extend across multi-functional and contracting teams – especially during high intensity times such as shutdowns and planned outages.

Front line teams need the tools and strategies to be able to promote greater interdependent team safety behaviours and advance performance regardless of the team composition and other external factors.

The Step up together programs are designed to provide front line teams with the tools and skills they need to create a high safety and performance culture when partnering on site – so that a one team approach to both safety and performance is prioritised.

Program Outcomes:


Ideal for:

  • Front line leaders and supervisors
  • Work teams
  • Contractor teams
  • Multi-functional teams
  • Maintenance shuts and outages

Length of program:

  • 2 days: Step Up together for Safety
  • 2 days: Step Up together for Performance

Tools utilised:

  • DiSC
  • Coaching PESOS

Key Concepts:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self awareness
  • Supervisor mindset
  • Step up actions
  • TEEM model
  • Task assignment
  • Workplace coaching
  • Feedback
  • Work monitoring
  • Engagement of team members

Step Up together for Safety and Performance 
Program Outcomes:

Greater interdependent team safety culture

Advance performance requirements and expectations

 A one team approach to partnering on site

Strengthening bonds and relationships between all business partners


MODAL has worked on team alignment and culture for decades, partnering with organisations such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Western Power and Ramsay Healthcare to develop leaders and strengthen culture since 1993. Our approach to developing stronger and more aligned teams includes:

  • A true partnering approach to design and deliver best practice content and process
  • Tried and tested techniques and program structure that leads to ongoing results
  • A systematic approach to development with multiple learning opportunities over time to help translate learning into real behaviour change in the workplace
  • Generating a positive Return on Investment through workplace improvement projects
  • Producing real, sustainable behavioural change through high impact action leaning and a 70:20:10 development philosophy
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