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Every organisation has a culture, but not every organisation takes the time to choose the culture that will enable great performance.

Most organisations recognise the outcomes of workplace culture, yet find it harder to understand and measure the complex causes of culture critical to culture change. Not only that – leaders have to be able to define and emulate the culture that will lead to the greatest performance outcomes. “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” describes the well worn path of great strategy never seeing the light of day due to misaligned organisational culture.

Developing and strengthening an organisation’s culture requires clarity around what culture really is as well as a measure and common language by which to describe the culture. Without that you will find it hard to align your teams to a common purpose, foster trust, increase productivity and performance and maintain high levels of engagement. Culture is also one of the greatest factors when it comes to retention; with staff turnover costing some organisations as much as 40% of their total profit each year, having a toxic culture can be incredibly detrimental.

of executives

say corporate culture influences productivity, creativity, profitability, firm value, and growth rates.


have left a job because of poor culture or negative office politics


say they trust strangers more than they trust their own team at work

We partner with your leaders to develop and create an ideal culture that ‘sticks’ – one that doesn’t just increase retention and efficiency, but helps you reach your organisations goals.

Working with MODAL on improving culture within your organisation begins with a review the culture of a business with respect to its alignment with business strategy.

We often find a disconnect between what’s supposed to be happening and what’s actually happening, a strategic shift requiring new or different performance-related behaviours or recognition that a high performance culture is a sustainable competitive advantage in itself.

We then work with leaders to clarify ‘What does our culture need to look and feel like to deliver the strategy?’

Before developing a quality, systemic culture diagnostic that allows prioritisation of critical work needed to close the gap and an action planning and program setup to ensure integration of work with relevant business initiatives to drive change.

Work with MODAL today on creating a customised program for your organisation’s culture.


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We have worked with hundreds of teams that want to use culture improvements to facilitate growth, create high-performing teams, align groups of people to a single purpose and create higher retention strategies. We also understand how much of a challenge this can be in a face-paced environment of growth and change. Our specialists work closely with leaders and teams to create culture that delivers results. We also enable leaders to continue to strengthen that culture in the years to come.

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