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We partnered with the City of Bayswater to deliver a Diploma of Leadership & Management program that supported their vision of building a better bayswater. Throughout the design and execution of the program, the focus was on the 70:20:10 approach of learning and development, and how the participants took their formal learning back into the workplace.

Through the application back in the work place, the participants were able to transfer their new found knowledge and skills through to their team members. Who were then able to use better teamwork and engagement to provide better services for the community.

Ed Benier, director at MODAL described the approach as such, “Our Diploma program focuses areas we know have the greatest impact – through the embedment of learning and practices amongst teams. We design our PWA’s so that participants have to implement new knowledge in their teams, not show us their new skills. We say to the leader – go back to the team and do this and collect evidence to show us how you have created real, effective change within your teams. The City of Bayswater has seen the effects of this, both with feedback from the participants and also ongoing and continuous feedback from the staff and the community.”

Hear from the City of Bayswater participants below:

Ed Benier

Ed Benier

Ed is a director at Modal and delivers leadership solutions that create sustainable, positive behaviour change, with the focus on achieving a “leadership culture” within organisations.