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Building Leadership Capability

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leadership development
Just as we all have the innate ability to run, we also have the ability to lead.  

MODAL has been developing leaders for over 20 years.  We take a holistic approach to building leadership capability, beginning at the foundational level of Lead Self, through awareness and self-management; then to Lead and Influence Others, by motivating, communicating and influencing; and then Lead the Business (Multiple – complex teams) through sustained operational discipline.  We are able to deliver individual workshops or a complete leadership package, depending on our customer’s requirements.

Lead Self
“Lead thy Self”, (Socrates) – is the foundation and starting point of all leadership activities.  Through a process of self-awareness and self-reflection individuals are better able to motivate, control, plan and remain disciplined towards their own performance.  Self-Leadership is being able to deeply understand who I am as an individual, my strengths and weaknesses, what I know and what I don’t know, and how to manage myself to perform consistently at my best.
This two-day workshop is recommended as the foundation for all leadership roles and is applicable to anyone in the organisation at any level. The workshop utilises behavioural tools and contemporary leadership concepts enabling participants to reflect deeply on their role and their performance; driving individual excellence.
Lead and Influence Others
Leading and influencing others requires different knowledge and skills than when leading self, but builds on our understanding of self.  Our personal styles and preferred approach will influence how others respond or react.  Developing a variety of styles or approaches for varying situations or individuals can affect the outcome, particularly when working towards a common goal.This two-day workshop is suited to team leaders, managers, supervisors or people stepping into a formal leadership role. The program content covers how to develop win-win situations, enabling a more collaborative team approach and understanding effective leadership behaviours.
Lead the Business
For any enterprise to be successful business practices need to be coordinated, lead and managed across multiple teams and functions.  Again this requires another level of knowledge and skills for leaders to be effective and ensure the delivery of expected organisational outcomes.  Leading at the business level focuses on delivering integrated operational disciplines, focused on continuous improvement that contribute to productivity, profitability and capability.  The MODAL approach is holistic and provides a connection for both the people and processes.This two-day workshop will enable leaders to take a comprehensive approach to plan and control the work, to ensure quality delivery of products and/or services.
Ed Benier

Ed Benier

Ed is a director at Modal and delivers leadership solutions that create sustainable, positive behaviour change, with the focus on achieving a “leadership culture” within organisations.