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What gets you out of bed in the morning?

For some of us motivation is driven by the need to support a family, to put food on the table and sustain a certain lifestyle. But there are other reasons why people feel motivated to do what they do… every single day. And they go much deeper.

Understanding what an unconscious motivator is, and most importantly knowing your own, creates increased awareness of your individual needs that drive you to become the happiest and most productive version of yourself. The PRINT profile does just that, and it’s proven to help improve individual and team performance significantly.

So, let’s explore what that looks like…

A PRINT profile is made up of your two strongest categories that drive actions – a major and a minor unconscious motivator. There are 72 possible combinations in total, which build the foundation of the WHY. Why are you acting, feeling, and thinking a certain way?

Taking the survey uncovers the 2 primary unconscious motivators, lying deeply within our minds. These are not just preferences, strengths, and things that we like or dislike. They are hardwired traits that drive our behaviours throughout our adult lives.

PRINT uncovers your unique Best Self behaviours (productive and positive) as well as potential Shadow behaviours (automatic, unproductive, and negative).

Understanding both ‘Best Self’ and ‘Shadow’ help you understand why you act constructively in one moment and rather reactive in other situations.

Shadow behaviour is provoked by Triggers. A trigger can be a person, an event or circumstances and usually comes with a feeling of being personally attacked or agitation. The response is most often less constructive – a reaction rather than a response – a shadow behaviour.

Triggers are unique to any individual. Knowing and being able to manage your own and other people’s triggers can have a significant impact on your health and the health of your team and organisation.

PRINT creates an opportunity to identify triggers early, respond appropriately and pull back into Best Self before losing ourselves in Shadow too much.

You’re probably burning to know the 9 styles that make up PRINT. I know I was…

Let’s shed further light…the 9 styles

PRINT 1 – For things to be perfect, correct and right.

PRINT 2 – To be needed and appreciated.

PRINT 3 – To succeed and achieve.

PRINT 4 – To be special and find meaning in life.

PRINT 5 – To be knowledgeable and smart.

PRINT 6 – To be safe and secure.

PRINT 7 – To enjoy life and be happy.

PRINT 8 – To be strong and self-reliant.

PRINT 9 – To have peace and harmony.

Any of these can either be your Major (most prevalent) or Minor (second prevalent) style.

Every style has their own unique strengths, triggers and contributions that a person will bring to a team/organisation.

PRINT can be applied broadly in any organisation e.g. recruiting and retaining of talent, motivating teams and individuals, dealing with, and working through change and increasing overall productivity.

Research tells us that an increase in self-awareness has a positive impact on:

  • individual productivity
  • the success of a team
  • leadership – imagine your boss would understand your individual needs and triggers-, and
  • the ability to change on an organisational level.

If you are curious now about this tool, and want to dive deeper and understand how PRINT can help you gain more self-awareness and improve individual, team and organisational performance, feel free to get in touch.

At MODAL we understand the power of this tool firsthand. We utilise our learnings every day and have seen the positive effects it has on individuals and teams.

It’s our passion to support others in doing the same.