Exclusive Webinar:

Productive Teams in the New Normal

Don’t let changing environments and uncertainty harm your team’s performance. Discover how team dynamics can drive productivity and efficiency in a changing environment with this exclusive MODAL webinar. 

22nd May – 11am

This event has now ended. Webinar available here.

How to create productive teams in the new normal. An exclusive MODAL webinar.

The last few months have seen many teams and organisations experience an unexpected drop in productivity. Leaders have shifted focus from performance output to other pressing realities such as physical and mental wellbeing, lack of communication, uncertainty and procedure change. Whilst also managing their own wellbeing and productivity. It has been a challenging time.

As many organisations settle into this new way of working, the conversations are now returning to efficiency, productivity and performance and the teams that deliver it. Leaders are now being challenged to refocus teams and put in place the tools and strategies that keep those teams productive so their performance doesn’t waver through changes in the future.

So how can we create more resilient teams that are adaptable to change and thrive during uncertainty?

MODAL has developed an exclusive webinar that walks leaders through the team dynamics that drive productivity through change. It examines what activities lead to performance, what motivates individuals and how to create a team purpose that generates motivation and energy for the new normal.

This exclusive MODAL webinar will be delivered on May 22nd from 11am – 12pm. 

Use today’s environment to strengthen your team for the future.

This event has now ended. Webinar available here.

Webinar Outcomes:

  • Tools to help assess what is motivating individuals right now
  • How to help unfreeze your people, stop the flight and get them into the right type of fight.
  • Helping people address the question ‘What’s the point’?
  • Setting up to help people connect to a meaningful personal purpose to help generate motivation and energy
  • Landing on a team purpose for new normal
  • Goal setting now to reflect new shared goals – reframing problems into goals
  • Accelerate effective leadership whereby:
    • Purpose leads to motivation
    • Motivated people find energy
    • Energy directed at the right activities leads to performance

This webinar is ideal for:

People that lead a team.

Strengthen your team for the future

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3. Implement learnings right away

This event has now ended. Webinar available here.

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This event has now ended. Webinar available here.