MODAL’s vision is to see a world where organisations enable every person to flourish and deliver extraordinary results.

We are results based leadership specialists, helping organisations achieve results through their people. We work with our customers to Build Leadership Capability, Create High Performing Teams, Deliver Coaching For Performance and Provide Accredited Leadership Programs. Our style ensures transformational behaviour change – what we do sticks!

Our focus is to develop Authentic Leaders who are self-aware and self actualising; understanding their own strengths, restraints and how their behaviours impact others.

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To lead effectively one requires knowing how to lead themselves first. Effective leaders can then lead teams through motivation, communication and influence. But for an organisation to be performing at its peak, the leaders must be focused on operational disciplines and ensure employees are deliveri… Read more


What sets a high performing team apart is the degree of trust, commitment, collaboration and focus for both people and organisational results. Our approach to achieving this is by working closely with your workplace leaders, allowing them to feel safe to “get naked” and be vulnerable and then id… Read more


Coaching is a direct and highly effective way of realising an individual’s and group’s natural strengths and resources and helps them see how those talents can support the organisation’s goals. Our coaching approach involves working with leaders to understand the drivers that underpin their be… Read more


There are important steps to ensure you have the right culture and it “sticks”. Fill out this quick survey to see if your team is on the right path to a high performing culture… Read more

Accredited Programs

Leaders at the operational level require the skills, knowledge and practical experience to be able to lead teams effectively to achieve organisational success. The MODAL Leadership & Management Program not only provides competency requirements, through the accredited Certificate IV Leadership &a… Read more

Meet the Team

  • Scott Erskine, Director
    Read more

    Scott is characterised by a strong drive in his work for continuous improvement both in the results he delivers for customers and his own personal development.  He is passionate about what motivates …

    08 9483 2408
  • Ed Benier, Director
    Read more

    Ed has worked for the past 15 years to deliver leadership solutions that create sustainable, positive behaviour change, with the focus on achieving a “leadership culture” within organisations.…

    08 9483 2404
  • Neil McGrechan, Founder/Associate
    Read more

    Inspirational, focused, driven, and authentic are all words that people have used to describe Neil McGrechan. He’s not one to do things in halves and after being exposed to a number of professional …

    08 9483 2411
  • Carlie Pollock, Senior Consultant
    Read more

    Compared to the stock standard consulting experience, our clients often describe Carlie’s approach as a ‘breath of fresh air’ given her grounded, humble, outcome driven and relationship-base…

    08 9483 2401
  • Jenny Edis, Senior Consultant
    Read more

    Jenny coaches, trains, facilitates and mentors with a combination of high professionalism and lightness. She wants the best for her customers, and she enjoys having fun with them in the process! Her d…

    08 9483 2400
  • Dominic Sheldrick, Senior Consultant
    Read more

    Dominic Sheldrick is passionate about performance and has spent the past 10 years helping organisations, teams and individuals to explore and drive towards maximising potential. Dominic’s journey to…

    08 9483 2400
  • Martin Gregory, Senior Consultant
    Read more

    Martin’s role as facilitator and consultant spans 25 years. He is passionate about making a difference through leadership and learning. Martin’s flexible and personable approach makes him a popula…

    08 9483 2400
  • Andrea Litchfield, Senior Consultant
    Read more

    Andrea‘s passion is facilitating true organisational and individual transformation with integrity. She uses the platforms of coaching, leadership development, strategy and process-facilitation and t…

    08 9483 2400
  • Shirley van Schagen, Consultant
    Read more

    Born in Hong Kong and later moving to Scotland, Shirley’s life and travel experiences have instilled in her a deep sense of valuing people’s integrity and diversity. She is passionate about develo…

    08 9483 2400
  • Heike Fowler, Senior Consultant
    Read more

    Heike is a Professional Certified Coach, Facilitator and Mentor.  Her areas of expertise are in: Leadership Skills Change Management Performance Management Motivation and Confidence Conflict Resoluti…

  • Joanne Garlick, Consultant
    Read more

    Joanne brings a range of consulting, facilitation, project management and coaching experience to her work. She is a coach – (whether it is in a one-on-one session or facilitating to a room full) who…

  • Peter Kerr, Consultant
    Read more

    Peter Kerr is committed to working with individuals, teams & organisations to further improve their performance. He has extensive experience both as a leader in organisations and leadership devel…

  • Nicole Heffernan, Consultant
    Read more

    Nicole Heffernan is an experienced Leadership Development Consultant, Coach and Facilitator with over 10 years’ experience working across a diverse range of industries, including construction, minin…

  • Mandy Knaack, Program Coordinator & Facilitator
    Read more

    Stay tuned – profile to come very soon.

    08 9483 2406
  • Katherine Surley, RTO Consultant
    Read more

    Katherine has over 20 years of varied business experience working in Canada, the UK, and Australia.  14 years ago, she moved to Perth and began developing, delivering, and assessing qualifications in…

  • Pam Laidler, Finance Administrator
    Read more

    Pam is a valued member of the MODAL team, where she applies her extensive financial skills to assist the business prosper.  She is a registered BAS Agent and member of Institute of Certified Bookkeep…

    08 9483 2402
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