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New in 2017!

Essential Coaching Skills for Leaders 

MODAL is now offering a two day workshop designed to offers leaders the skills, tools and processes for highly effective coaching to unlock performance and create transformation in others and their organisations. 
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Executive & Organisational Coaching Certification Program


The Executive and Organisational Coaching Certificate program equips participants to be both competent and confident in their coaching ability as well as support to begin coaching clients early in the process. It also provides the required number of Coach Specific Training hours to set graduates up to becoming ICF credentialed at ACC level.
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Coaching for Performance

MODAL defines coaching as a solution-focused, results-oriented – systematic process where we facilitate the enhancement of the coachee’s work-life experiences and performance, whilst also fostering self-directed learning and personal growth.

Through coaching, MODAL aims to create sustained cognitive, emotional and behavioural changes which facilitate goal attainment and performance enhancement. Coaching is a direct and highly effective way of realising an individual’s natural strengths and helps them appreciate how those talents can deliver and support an organisation’s goals. Our approach involves understand the drivers that underpin behaviours, therefore not just looking at what coachee’s can do differently to be more effective, but how they can be more consciously aware and mindful of their leadership and interpersonal practices. Making changes at just the behavioural level is not always sustainable. An adjustment of mindset and belief is the key to lasting behavioural change. MODAL’s coaching process has been proven to be a very useful addition or replacement for the more traditional training programs, whereby mastering the ability to think about one’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours are essential elements in learning new skills that will significantly increase productivity. Our coaching program includes:

  1. Results from a comprehensive assessment from colleagues and peers (360 Feedback)
  2. Developing a clear vision and development goals (3 way coaching)
  3. Working in conjunction with work colleagues and coaching support (learning groups)
  4. Coaching strategies including learning journals, self-monitoring, self-evaluation and reframing.