Preventing poor accountability

An exclusive MODAL event

Join us for morning tea and learn more about building environments where people take more accountability within teams. Limited spots available.

This event has now ended

February 7th 2020

8:00AM – 10:15AM

Mantra on Murray
305 Murray St, Perth WA 6000

How much is poor accountability costing your organisation?

There is an increasingly concerning trend happening within teams and organisations around the globe: people just aren’t taking enough accountability for their actions. This could be individual accountability, or shared accountability – both absences causing blame and finger pointing, a lack of progress, work not being finished off or standards not being met.

For front line managers, this can feel frustrating and inefficient. And for organisations it can be severally impactful when it comes to results.

So how can we create a culture that fosters better accountability for individuals and teams? The key, we believe, comes from developing teams and leaders to take ownership of tasks – rather than holding them accountable to tasks. How can we transfer the authority to others and how can we build higher levels of trust and shared ownership?

MODAL is offering an exclusive event for leaders, managers and executives who want to unlock the secrets to this accountability shift and create a culture where things just get done. Where people are taking personal action, being proactive, problem solving themselves or collectively and taking ownership for issues and actions.

Spots are very limited so reserve your place below and we look forward to seeing you there.

This event has now ended

What you’ll leave with

  • A new take on accountability that sticks
  • Insight into how team development is the cornerstone of accountability
  • The MODAL approach to accountability and the results it has manifested
  • A few key steps to stopping the blame game
  • Practical initiatives for leaders and front line managers in creating an accountability culture


8:00AM – 8:10AM: Welcome from the MODAL directors

8:10AM – 8:35AM: Accountability research

8:35AM – 9:00AM: Case study – Managing Director Patrick Warrand from Wespine shares his insights

9:00AM – 9:40AM: Experiential activity on accountability

9:40AM – 10:00AM: MODAL’s recommendations for creating improved accountability

10:00AM – 10:15AM: Morning tea and networking