Greetings from Bree Finlay,
sustainability, personal growth, and lifelong learning are my passions. I strive to show up as my authentic self, challenge myself, and never stop growing.

Bree Finlay – Program Coordinator


“I used to think anyone doing anything weird was weird. Now I know that it is the people that call others weird that are weird.
– Paul McCartney

Bree Finlay

About Bree

At MODAL, Bree’s role as a Program Coordinator goes beyond meticulous planning. Her personable approach and unwavering commitment to detail create a seamless experience for all of her programs, from start to finish.

With a PR and Journalism degree from Murdoch (2015) and 10+ years of industry experience across diverse sectors including health, sport, utilities, and education, Bree brings a wealth of communications know-how to the team.

Guided by her growth mindset, Bree constantly welcomes new opportunities to continue learning and developing personally and professionally. Embracing every challenge and opportunity to refine her abilities to create meaningful influence, Bree is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Environment Science at the University of Notre Dame.

As a PRINT 2-4, Bree can always be counted on to be a team player, contribute creative ideas and solutions, and support others wherever she can.

When she isn’t studying, you can probably find Bree at the beach or by the river walking her dog Severus, the very charismatic miniature dachshund. Bree also loves to travel, cook, and teach herself new skills, like playing the ukulele (kind of) and sketching.