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Building High Performing Teams

Teams outperform individuals acting alone or in groups, especially when performance requires multiple skills, judgements, and experiences.

Unlike working groups, real team performance requires trust, collaboration, commitment and impact beyond the sum of the individual parts.  Team leaders require a complementary mix of skill, a purpose that goes beyond individual tasks, common goals, and an approach that blends individual abilities into collective/complementary activities that together produces strong mutual accountability.

MODAL achieves high performing teams by working closely with workplace leaders and their intact team.  We deliver a safe and structured process, allowing team leaders and team members to be open and to open up (being vulnerable and ‘getting naked’) thus allowing deeper reflection and awareness of performance.  We also identify how the team is really functioning, highlight the collective strengths, identify opportunities for improvements, help increase the level of engagement and establish appropriate team behaviours.

MODAL’s program leverages Patrick Lencioni’s – “Five Dysfunctions of a Team” model, and has been further developed to include, foundational elements of Team Leader and Team Principles, as well as Future Development of the Team.  The MODAL Team Analysis survey helps us to assess and measure where teams are across these elements in their development journey.

The program also includes:

  1. Team member interviews and 360 degree feedback
  2. Workplace behaviour assessment
  3. High Performing Team workshops
  4. Team development plan