“To lead unprepared people to war is to throw them away!”

Brendan Hendry

About Brendan

Brendan has worked in leadership and development for over twenty years. Following a successful career in the financial services industry Brendan transitioned to specialize in the development of leaders and teams.

With personal experience leading diverse teams, Brendan is acutely aware of the challenge leaders face today. He has walked in their shoes. He takes a practical insightful approach that links best practice and theory to the day to day reality leaders experience. Furthermore, he believes through coaching and facilitating people determine their own way forward and lay the foundations of ownership and accountability. Self-determined empowered individuals and teams are more productive, aligned and motivated.

Supported by his qualifications in Productivity, Business Management, Organisational Coaching and Leadership, Brendan’s work at MODAL specialises in –

  • Building leadership capability
  • Providing executive coaching (ICF Accredited)
  • Team development and coaching
  • Building and developing client relationship capability

Challenged to write a personal vision some years ago, Brendan articulated his passion – “Continuous improvement in self and others – together”.

Brendan’s partner and daughters regularly head out for walks, kick the footy or cook together. He stays healthy thanks to his long serving gym buddy who provides motivation and great conversation.

Brendan rarely turns down a coffee! – arrange a meeting with Brendan today

Brendan’s Writings