Want the best start to your day?

Untitled design-4Here’s something I have been experimenting with that you might also find useful.

1. Wake up quietly and gently – either by willing yourself to wake up (done by mentally – visualising whilst also repeating over and over the time to wake, e.g. 5.30am, as you fall asleep – this works for me) OR set your alarm to the gentlest and quietest setting available. What you want to avoid is startling or frightening yourself from your sleep in the first instance.

2. Just lay still for a few minutes and meditate on your breathing. Gently feel your breaths going in and out and the rhythms of your body in this moment.

3. Finally, imagine and visualise in your minds eye the most spectacular sunrise you have ever seen. It could be the sun breaking over a rugged mountain range, the cool seas of a tropical island, a field full of flowers, in fact you can visit a new place every single morning.

This morning I saw the most beautiful sunrise ever, over a great mountain range somewhere – it was just magnificent. And what a day – I can honestly say that the freeway traffic snarl didn’t seem that bad, the late night dullness was not a burden, and despite the fact I missed my early morning walk, I still felt alive and energised.

I think I will visit the pyramids tomorrow and watch the sunrise – or at least try.

Have a go yourself and see if these three simple steps can give you a better start to your mornings.

And finally if you have any of your own secrets that you would like to share please let us know.

Ed Benier

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