Why Leaders need to spend more time Getting Naked!

MODAL has been reviewing our company values in the last few weeks. My team are now sick of me banging on about an aspirational value that I want to set for us. It’s a bit unusual so I think that’s one reason why they are trying to talk me down from the ledge on setting it in stone. I think maybe they are afraid that I’ll send some of our customers running for the hills, if they see it written down. Maybe they are right but it is one I’m very passionate about – Getting Naked! No not in the literal sense but in the figurative sense. Let me explain…

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The Leader in YOU! 7 Things You Can Do To Build The Leader in You!

When I ask people to name a great contemporary leader almost 9/10 will name Nelson Mandela, and this got me thinking, “What is it about Mandela or ‘Madiba’, as he was affectionately known, that makes him so revered”. Mandela is not alone in spending time imprisoned, nor was he alone as a militant activist. There have been many people past and present. However, Mandela stands out head and shoulders above these others. Why? Because of not only what he did but in particular how he did it.

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To Be Or Not To Be. How High Achievers Become Great Leaders (Or Don’t)!

I remember a couple of years ago sitting in the office of a senior manager who I was coaching. He was very highly regarded by almost all the 600 people in his division. I had just in casual conversation asked him a question, “how often to you feel a deep sense of satisfaction with what you have been achieving”? He looked at me with a bit of a wry smile and said, “Do you know I haven’t really told anyone this, but I really struggle with that”. I was a bit surprised and so probed a little further “What do you mean by that”. The reply was “well I started my working career as an engineer, and got a deep sense of satisfaction in the work I could churn out in a day. If there was a difficult problem that was when I was at my best, pulling that problem apart 6 different ways until I came up with a successful solution. At this I excelled. I miss the days when I could reach the end of a week and look back at what I achieved, at what I had knocked over”.

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What Style of Leadership is Needed for Todays Economy!

Not that long ago I was with a major global mining company when the GFC hit. After much knee trembling the organisational leaders made a number of decisions, including the slashing of thousands of positions from the global workforce. In my WA Department the numbers were halved. The unfortunate reality was that within three months we were rehiring to fill the critical redundant positions that had prevented delivery of the services the organisation required. During that time we lost dedicated, knowledgeable, long-term employees, what we got in return were newbies that had to start from scratch. The nuances of global and local WA impact of the GFC had been lost.

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