Why Most Training Doesn’t Produce the Results You Want…

  So particularly when it comes to developing those all-important leadership and management skills – why doesn’t most training produce the results you want?   As a seasoned campaigner in delivering Leadership Development programs it pains me to say but I have been guilty in the past of designing a program with great content, great […]

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What I learnt from the Chinese

I have recently returned from Shanghai where I completed a two day workshop. The city of Shanghai is amazing with 24 million people living within its limits making it not only China’s largest city but also the world’s largest by population. Shanghai is also China’s most expensive city. The people I met, like most, were […]

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How to improve on “Getting Naked”. 9 Tips that will get you there!

I love being pleasantly surprised. My wife is not a big fan of surprises, but I really like them. For me it adds spice to life. I was genuinely pleasantly surprised that my last blog ‘Why leaders need to spend more time getting naked’ got read by more people than my previous blogs (maybe I’m just improving my blogging skills) but also generated more comments and some of them in person. Now I’m sure the word ‘Naked” in the headline was not the only reason for the interest either. I think the concept of being more authentic, more real is something that resonates with us all and taps into a deeper yearning for most of us to allow more of the real me to be seen.

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Be Aware…We are all Schizophrenic!

Recently I was reading a passage where the author described how “we are all schizophrenic”. This got me thinking about a number of things including the fact that there is not one person alive today that has not been born or originated out of two. Despite many great advances science still has yet to create a complete human being from just one egg or one sperm, and even if one cell reproduction (or even human cloning) did exist, the original cell would have come from two in the first place. This duality of origin might mean that all humans are naturally split and we all have two sides. We are not a single being or one person; every one’s beginning is dual and divided. Half of you came from one parent (or donor), the other half from another. From the very beginning you have been two.

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