Case Study Part 2

As promised, we’re back to describe the outcome for the Leadership Coaching Program put in place with the top 3 levels of leadership.
It’s incredible to see what results can be achieved when all the change levers proved to deliver results are utilised. The most senior leader has been visible, clearly committed and placed clear levels of expectations on all the leaders involved. The expectation has been measured quantitatively and from 12 behavioural and leadership impact styles all 12 have improved significantly.

See below for pre and post measure as perceived by 360-degree feedback.

Rail Human Synergistics v2


The identity of the organisation and individuals is kept confidential as a matter of commitment by MODAL to their customers.

What is exciting to recognise is that in a very short period of time (9 months), across a large cadre of leaders, almost every one of them has improved their leadership impact and contribution to culture change significantly.