Case Study Part 1

The Challenge
In 2014 a major resource organisation sought MODAL’s services to develop its people. The organisation’s aim was to develop and manage a ‘Step Up Culture’ of Achievement and Accountability, which supported the implementation of their business strategy.

The organisation wanted to move from a transactional management approach to a more effective leadership style; that would essentially build leadership capability. The customer was experiencing a real challenge regarding the engagement of their people; they now have an opportunity to create an engaging environment where people prefer to stay and are motivated to achieve organisational goals.

* This project is currently active and 50% has been delivered. Please note that this is a mid-project review.

The Solution

The solution was the ‘Step Up Culture’ Leadership Development Program. Real impact would only come if the leaders within the organisation understood what was required of them and were motivated and driven to achieve the same goal. This program involves working with the top 3 leadership levels, conducting 360-degree feedback surveys, coaching, facilitating learning groups and introducing Marshall Goldsmith’s ‘Feed Forward’ approach – actively providing input that is focused on the future and not the past, and for those receiving the feed forward to truly listen and not interrupt. The program has a pre and post measure that will be used to see what productivity, performance and behaviour changes have occurred.

The Results

The MODAL Team has conducted a mid-program review to gage how the participants are feeling about the program and if the leaders are experiencing a shift in mindset. This was achieved through interviewing the participants.

The results show that the participants are highly engaged and committed to the program. There has been an improvement in the leaders feeling accountable for achieving results and there has been a definite improvement in cross-functional collaboration.

We look forward to providing a complete case study on completion of the program.

Stay tuned…