Case Study

The Challenge
In 2011 an Australia wide Health Organisation approached MODAL to guide them through a significant growth phase, which brought significant leadership and culture challenges. The organisation did not have a lot of resources and there was no in-house capability for development. The one thing they did have was an in-house strategist who sought the partnership of MODAL to build capability in the areas of Leadership and Team Development, Coaching and Change Management.

The Solution 

Not only did MODAL want to build competency in these areas but they also wanted to build the internal capability so that the organisation could grow successfully and the leaders could achieve long lasting change. Taking a partnering approach the organistion built the Change Implementation Team and MODAL facilitated the structure – which would allow for building sustainable capability.

The customer required a profile of the current operating culture, in terms of the thinking and behaviours that members believe are required to “fit it and meet expectations”. As well as this, the cutomer wanted to get an understanding of all of the internal factors and conditions that are likely to impact on the performance. MODAL launched and managed the Human Synergistics Organisation Culture Inventory (OCI) Survey and the Organisation Effectiveness Inventory (OEI) Survey. The surveys focused on the following areas:

Using the resultsfrom the above surveys the MODAL Team built an organisastion wide Leadership Development Program. Working at all levels of the organisation the team:

The Results

Together, MODAL and the customer, conducted a review on the Leadership Development Program and measured the return on investment, to determine the financial value of all projects and the impact the program had on the Leaders.

The results: