Meet the Team

Our Team includes consultants and project administrators, each with extensive experience across a range of industry fields and leadership roles. The Team will partner with you on every project, from inception to completion.
MODAL Consultancy Team MODAL Support Team

Scott Erskine, Director

Scott is characterised by a strong drive in his work for continuous improvement both in the results he delivers for customers and his own personal development.  He is passionate about what motivates and enables people to perform at their best. He is also a recovering Perfectionist! Growing up without any strong role models until he was 17, Scott developed an independence streak from an early age which feeds into a willingness to take risks to try something different. These days that gets channelled through his ability to help other people challenge the status quo.

Born in New Zealand, Scott then grew up in Sydney. He enrolled in an Economics degree at the University of New South Wales. It took him about 6 weeks to realise he would never be an Economist (a win both for Scott and the Economics profession). However not one to quit, Scott completed his degree, saved by the fact he could major in Marketing, because it involved working with what motivates people.

Over the next 11 years Scott worked in marketing and business development roles, eventually relocating to Perth. It was here that Scott stoked his interest in what enables people to perform and furthered his studies in the field of psychology.

Over the last 10 years (7 years being with MODAL) Scott has successfully delivered leadership and performance solutions for management across a number of industries including retail, resources, construction, government and finance and has worked with organistions such as BHP Billiton, Woodside, Rio Tinto, Veolia, Western Power, GESB, Ramsay Healthcare, Police & Nurses Mutual Banking, Flight Centre, and the Australian Defence Forces. His consulting background has included:

  • Leadership development
  • Culture development
  • Team effectiveness
  • Influencing skills
  • Executive coaching

Scott, became a Director of MODAL in 2014.

“What I am personally passionate about is Authentic Leadership. For leaders the ability to be open, real and genuine is inspiring. I find my own personal journey has become one of learning more how to let go, and trust that that’s when the best me shows up. “

Apart from working in the world of people performance Scott loves travelling, with climbing Mount Kilimanjaro one of the highlights.

Not blessed with human children, Scott spoils his dogs and enjoys doing mentoring with underprivileged people. He also loves sport and speaks Spanish badly.

08 9483 2408

Ed Benier, Director

Ed has worked for the past 15 years to deliver leadership solutions that create sustainable, positive behaviour change, with the focus on achieving a “leadership culture” within organisations.

Now, imagine yourself lying in a hammock on a sparkling white sandy beach on the tiny tropical island of Mauritius, with crystal clear blue waters and a cool ocean breeze wafting over your body. That peaceful, relaxed spirit is exactly what you find in Ed. Add to this, the love for spicy foods, rhythmic music and colourful attire and you have the complete picture.

As a young boy immigrating to Australia, his scrawny Michael Jackson looks and dance moves, concealed a deep desire to just fit in and be like everyone else.  But that wasn’t so easy and it took much of his teenage years to realise he was as normal as everyone else.  Ed eventually found within himself his own natural gifts and talents (academic and sporting).  Also that he could contribute meaningfully in many ways and that some people liked him just the way he was.  This self-efficacy is still evident and assists Ed to face his challenges in so many ways.

Ed spent 26 years as a police officer, where he was a bit of a black sheep (so to speak) and where he learnt many lessons about people and their behaviours.  This thirst to understand the motivational drivers of behaviour has compelled Ed to complete two university Master’s degree in Leadership and Management, a Graduate Diploma in Business, commence a Doctorate degree in Peer Coaching, and currently completing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Ed’s extensive experience and studies have allowed him to work with organisations such as Rio Tinto, Clough, Rosslyn Hill Mining and Landcorp, designing and delivering Leadership Development Programs and Coaching.

Having lived throughout the central mining regions of Western Australia, Ed appreciates not only the delicate beauties of the world but also the harsher aspects. What this diversity of experiences has taught him is that – like water can reshape a rock, people can change, but only with the right effort and when given enough time.  He exudes passion and energy towards his love of learning and helping others to develop and change.  This has led to his current role as Director of MODAL, where he is involved in:

  • Leadership Development
  • Quality Team Programs
  • Workplace Coaching
  • Cultural Development
  • Product Design; and,
  • Occasionally facilitating workshops

Privately, Ed is a connoisseur of the arts, having owned an art gallery/framing shop, and a listener of all forms of music from classical to hard-core AC/DC.  But true to his roots, you will more than not, find him in his hammock by his fish pond with a wine reading some motivational book, or at some holiday resort laying back by the pool sipping a cocktail or two.

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Neil McGrechan, Founder/Associate

Inspirational, focused, driven, and authentic are all words that people have used to describe Neil McGrechan. He’s not one to do things in halves and after being exposed to a number of professional roles in both government and non-government organisations a desire was ignited in him to build an organisation that has a values based approach to doing business. Neil fundamentally believes that people require great places to work, and so, more than 20 years ago he founded MODAL.

His passion is improving the performance of organisations while developing people and great places to work through effective leadership. This passion is demonstrated in MODAL being a place where ‘we practice what we preach’.

Neil is a modest man but speaks proudly of being able to work with so many great people who share the same belief that leaders create organisations that are great places to work. Over the years he has seen a steady improvement in Australian leader’s capability to be authentically devoted to looking after people, as well as pursuing performance and profit.

His coaching experience is extensive across all levels of organisations, and his most recent work was focused on developing high performance executive teams and executive coaching. Neil’s coaching relationships with leaders at all levels has resulted in improved clarity, a more open results-oriented approach, and leaders that realise their worth within the demanding business environment.

His qualifications and accreditations include:

  • Human Synergistics Tools
  • Change management – Prosci
  • Situational Leadership II
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicators
  • DiSC
  • Predictive Index

Neil has worked with a number of industries including mining, oil & gas, financial, manufacturing, engineering & construction, transport & logistics. And when he isn’t mentoring Executives in organisations such as:

  • BHP Billiton Iron Ore
  • BHP Billiton Nickel West
  • Racing & Wagering WA
  • Ramsay Health
  • Western Power
  • Rosslyn Hill Mining
  • Honeywell
  • Microsoft
  • Woodside
  • BP

Neil enjoys lifes simple pleasures and enjoys taking time out with his family, taking his Ducati 1198SP for a spin or breathing in the fresh air with his mates on an early morning cycling session.

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Carlie Pollock, Senior Consultant

Compared to the stock standard consulting experience, our clients often describe Carlie’s approach as a ‘breath of fresh air’ given her grounded, humble, outcome driven and relationship-based approach. It is for this reason client’s value how she works with them as much as the advice she ultimately provides. By focussing on both the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ means that she measures success, not solely by outcomes and deliverables, but her ability to strategize, innovate and build sustainable partnerships with clients.

Carlie’s career background has centred on developing people based solutions to business issues both in internal roles and as an external consultant.  Her passion is to work with organisations on their journey to sustained positive cultural and behaviour change. She has successfully helped organisations in their pursuit of becoming more” innovative”, “customer centric” and “one-team” orientated.

Her industry experience spans both public and private environments in a large number of medium to large organisations having worked with organisation such as Iluka, BHP Billiton, Perth Regional Alliance, Water Corporation and MacMahon Holdings.

One of her most recent success stories was her long term engagement with Water Corporation in a whole of organisation cultural change program. The brief was to embed and align the organisation around their “Customer Focussed” value.  After conducting over 150 team design workshops, the organisation has made significant measurable change. The program was so successful it won the Fresh Water Thinking prize for innovation and excellence.

Carlie has the following qualifications and accreditations;

  • Masters of Education
  • Bachelor of Physical Education
  • ICF accredited coach
  • Diploma of Coaching
  • Denison Culture profiling
  • Print accreditation
08 9483 2401

Jenny Edis, Senior Consultant

Jenny coaches, trains, facilitates and mentors with a combination of high professionalism and lightness. She wants the best for her customers, and she enjoys having fun with them in the process! Her desire is to bring coaching into as much of the world as possible for the purpose of organisational wellbeing and personal fulfilment.

Jenny has over 18 years of training, coaching, facilitation and mentoring corporate professionals, leaders and teams. Her work focusses on organisational coaching and growing other coaches. She has 25 years’ experience in Oil & Gas, Mining, Banking, Engineering Services, Public Sector and Utilities. She also has past experience in the roles of Chartered Accountant, Manager, Director, Change Management Consultant and Professional Coach (in Australia, USA, New Zealand, China, Mexico, and UK).

Jenny is passionate about the professionalism and quality of her industry which drives her desire to facilitate excellent training and mentoring. In her work, she encourages her customers to reach high professional standards.

Jenny has the following qualifications and accreditations;

  • Professional Coach, CPA
  • Professional Certified Coach with ICF since 2007
  • Certified Graduate, Advanced Coach Training Program, Coach U, USA
  • Australian Chartered Accountant
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Print accreditation
  • Coaching Game accreditation
  • Human Synergistics LSI & GSI accreditation
  • The Leadership Circle accreditation
08 9483 2400

Dominic Sheldrick, Senior Consultant

Dominic Sheldrick is passionate about performance and has spent the past 10 years helping organisations, teams and individuals to explore and drive towards maximising potential.

Dominic’s journey towards consulting in the performance development sphere stems from his own pursuit of performance excellence which culminated in representing Australia as a swimmer. While Dominic’s experiences as an elite athlete are integral to his role, it is the impact of his successful battle with Leukaemia and subsequent return to competitive swimming that most equips Dominic as a performance development consultant. Dominic’s experiences allow him to empathise with the seemingly insurmountable challenge and to help others understanding the simple approach to success that many of us miss in our hectic corporate lives.

During the past 10 years, Dominic has worked with some of the biggest global organisations in Europe, America, Asia and Australia designing and delivering leadership development interventions with practical and applicable outcomes. Throughout his career, Dominic has maintained long term relationships with organisations due to the consistently outstanding feedback he has received for his ability to create an environment for transformation to occur.

Dominic specialises in the following areas:

  • Senior Executive Coaching
  • Interview based 360 Feedback reports
  • Creating High Performance Environments
  • Developing Mental Toughness (Individuals and organisations)
  • Motivation & Motivational Presentations
  • Coaching Skills Development
  • Team Building
  • Group Facilitation

In his role as a management Consultant, Dominic has designed and delivered programs for numerous organisations, including:-

  • Leadership and High Performance Environment programme – Hong Kong Health Authority
  • Coaching for Performance and Transformational Selling Behaviour Programmes – DSM Nutritional Products
  • Coaching for Performance Programmes – Minter Ellison Lawyers Perth
  • Coaching for Performance and Creating High Performance Programmes – B Digital Telecommunications
  • 1:1 Coaching Programme – Deutsche Bank
  • 1:1 Coaching – UBS
  • Mental Toughness Programme for FX Traders – Deutsche Bank
  • Graduate Leadership Development Programme – JP Morgan
  • Coaching for Performance Programme – Coca Cola Enterprises UK

Qualifications and accreditations include:

  • Human Synergistics Instruments LSI/GSI, Leadership Impact (L/I – in progress)
  • Predicitve Index
08 9483 2400

Martin Gregory, Senior Consultant

Martin’s role as facilitator and consultant spans 25 years. He is passionate about making a difference through leadership and learning. Martin’s flexible and personable approach makes him a popular and effective facilitator and coach.

Martin has worked with Australian and International organisations in a number of areas, including:

  • Cultural Change
  • Leadership development
  • Team development
  • Executive Coaching

Martin works primarily with Senior Teams (executives, senior managers and middle managers) to enhance their functioning and assist them to improve performance

He has been involved in professional services and the resource sector, as well as the public and manufacturing sectors.

Martin is a very adaptive coach with a wealth of development ideas to assist the people he works with. At a personal level he has a calm easy going nature, but is achievement oriented, focused on obtaining the best results for his clients.

Martin has worked with developing leadership in many organisations, including:

  • BHP Billiton
  • Rio Tinto
  • Alcoa
  • WA Council of Social Services
  • Activ Foundation
  • Fairbridge Foundation for Youth

Qualifications and accreditations include:

  • Human Synergistics Instruments LSI, GSI, OCI, OEI
  • Situational Leadership II
  • Edward de Bono’ Six Thinking Hats
  • DiSC Behavioural Profiling

Martin and his partner have four daughters (21-33 years), his passions other than his family include song writing, photography, travel and getting in the surf.

08 9483 2400

Andrea Litchfield, Senior Consultant

Andrea‘s passion is facilitating true organisational and individual transformation with integrity. She uses the platforms of coaching, leadership development, strategy and process-facilitation and team effectiveness to stretch and assist those in transition.

Andrea’s coaching relationships with leaders at all levels has resulted in clearer structures, more open, results-oriented communication, and teams that understand their individual worth within the business imperative. Andrea is a speaker at conferences, SME and business conventions as well as business school initiatives. She has a strong interest in assisting people to develop into effective leaders.
Organisations that Andrea has worked with include Tiwest, Western Power, FAST JV, Paladin Mining, Standard Bank, The Development Bank of South Africa, MTN, Anglo American, Nampower , Themba Aids Clinic, and Cummins Diesel.

Andrea’s consulting background has included work in the areas of:

  • Executive, and leadership coaching
  • Leadership development facilitation
  • Assessment, facilitation and mediation as part of restructuring/ downsizing processes
  • Implementation of profiling and counselling processes
  • Facilitation of skills training, teambuilding and group process facilitation, intra and interpersonal skills workshops, emotional intelligence workshops and brainstorming sessions

Andrea’s qualifications and accreditations include:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PDM)
  • Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology
  • Masters in Counseling Psychology (Cum Laude)
  • Honours in Clinical Psychology
  • MBTI Training
  • PNI Basic and Advanced Practitioner Training
  • Brain Dominance Profiler Course
  • Human Synergistics LSI/GSI

Andrea teaches NIA – a dance fusion fitness technique – to practice and learn the art of life balance which, she professes, is indeed possible!

08 9483 2400

Shirley van Schagen, Consultant

Born in Hong Kong and later moving to Scotland, Shirley’s life and travel experiences have instilled in her a deep sense of valuing people’s integrity and diversity. She is passionate about developing people and leaving organisations with the skills, knowledge and mindset to successfully accomplish significant personal and organisational change. Her philosophy is to challenge people to question the status quo and to create the desire for individuals to develop and grow, both professionally and personally.

Early in her career she identified a gap in the Training & Development sector, which has led to a career spanning more than 20 years in Training & Development and Leadership Development. Shirley’s drive to improve the support participants receive in the areas of professional development and behaviour change has meant she has built a close relationship with many of our customers;  some spanning close to 10 years. Shirley has a great ability to connect with people and understand how to draw the best out the people she works with.

Shirley’s style is certainly not death by PowerPoint, she brings 110% energy to all of her projects. She believes in facilitating fun and engaging sessions and uses experiential activities, tailored to an organisation’s operating parameters and issues, to embed the learning and increase the application back to the workplace.

From her work with intact teams and in cultural transformations, she has successfully facilitated senior teams and organisations to create a common vision and strategies to achieve their stated vision.

Her work spans a great range of industries including the finance, resource, manufacturing, not for profit and government sectors, where she has successfully delivered leadership development programs and accredited learning programs. Customers include: BHP Billiton Iron Ore, Police and Nurses, Racing & Wagering WA, WACOSS, WorkFocus Group, GESB, Worsley Alumina, Department of Agriculture & Food and Acacia Prison (part of the Serco group).

Shirley is accredited in a range of high quality and impactful tools that she can draw on.

Away from MODAL, she loves surrounding herself with friends at every opportunity. She also enjoys design and decorating and has recently challenged herself by enrolling in a distance learning Interior Design & Decoration course.

08 9483 2400

Heike Fowler, Senior Consultant

Heike is a Professional Certified Coach, Facilitator and Mentor.  Her areas of expertise are in:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Change Management
  • Performance Management
  • Motivation and Confidence
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Skills

Heike has been coaching and training in Australia, Asia and Europe.  She has successfully coached hundreds of directors, senior managers and executives from various industries e.g. engineering, construction, mining, oil and gas, IT, government, financial institutions and law firms.

Heike successfully coaches in large corporates as well as small and medium size businesses.  Some of her clients are BHP, Rio Tinto, GDF Suez Bonaparte, TBH Project Management and Butlers Law Firm, to name just a few.

With over 20 years of global work experience in companies such as BMW and financial institutions such as City Index and E*trade, Heike uses her practical knowledge and applies it to her coaching and training.  Her enthusiastic, intuitive and down-to-earth style inspires senior managers and executives to achieve their best performance and to enjoy their professional and personal growth.

As a coach, Heike has helped many people transition into larger leadership roles, improve their communication skills to other stakeholders and being part of a successful team.


  • PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • BA (Hon) Business & Marketing Communications
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Master Workplace and Business Coach
  • TAE (Training and Assessment)
  • PRINT Profile coach.


Joanne Garlick, Consultant

Joanne brings a range of consulting, facilitation, project management and coaching experience to her work. She is a coach – (whether it is in a one-on-one session or facilitating to a room full) who is committed to producing results. She is passionate about supporting leaders to be as effective as they can be and ensure that people fulfil their potential in all areas of their life.
Her broad range of leadership and business experience combined with her direct and constructive communication style makes Joanne effective across all levels of an organisation. Her ability to understand the needs of different groups and deliver accordingly has contributed to her success in leadership and team development across a broad range of industries.
In addition to Joanne’s extensive facilitation and coaching experience, she has also successfully project managed large learning and development initiatives. She understands that success in this area is built from collaboration with clients and an understanding of strategic objectives to ensure all programs are relevant and practical for participants. She has also been instrumental in coaching and developing internal company co-facilitators to support the initiatives she has worked on.
Joanne’s consulting background has included work in the areas of:

  • Leadership development
  • Team effectiveness
  • Executive Coaching
  • Safety Leadership
  • Culture Change

Recent work includes:

  • P&N Bank Perth. Design and delivery of 3-day Manager as Coach program
  • Western Power – Delivery of organisation wide “Understanding Change” initiative
  • SEQ Water Queensland – Design and delivery of 5 module cultural change initiative
  • Methanex (Global Methanol manufacturer)– Design and delivery of 4 module leadership program
  • Morris Corp – Guest Speaker Annual Leaders Conference. Leaders Safety Leadership initiative
  • WaterNSW – Design and delivery of 5 module leadership program for frontline and senior leaders across the business. Delivery of safety leadership workshops to senior leaders and all employees
  • Gorgon Barrow Island Gas Plant – Safety Leadership consulting
  • Ausenco – Australian based EPCM – Safety Leadership across South and North America
  • Joanne’s qualifications and accreditations include:

  • Human Synergistics diagnostics – Lifestyles inventory (LSI), Group styles inventory (GSI), Leadership impact (L/I) and Management impact (M/I)
  • Certificate IV in Business (Diploma Level) (Frontline Management)
  • Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment
  • DiSC behaviour profiling and DiSC Indra for teams
  • Situational Leadership II
  • Harvard University Coaching Workshop 2012
  • TMS Linking Skills Profile for Teams
  • AGSM – Making Strategy Happen
  • Advanced Facilitation Course 2018
  • Peter Kerr, Consultant

    Peter Kerr is committed to working with individuals, teams & organisations to further improve their performance. He has extensive experience both as a leader in organisations and leadership development including; organisational design, strategy & business planning, leadership development, design of adult learning programs, effective EH&S improvement, fit for purpose L&D systems & strategies.
    He is a very constructive, flexible & experienced consultant with a wealth of proven & practical ideas.

    Key Projects
    1. Business wide leadership development strategy & implementation including; programs for frontline, middle & manager level, succession planning, graduate & talentidentification.
    2. Frontline leaders EH&S capability and commitment development reflecting individual organisations EH&S system.
    3. Organisational structure & related change management assisting customer with successfully reducing costs by 40%.
    4. Facilitation of business planning & strategy workshops cascaded to team & individual performance feedback & goal setting.
    5. Frontline leadership development aligned to business priorities; design, facilitation & coaching.
    6. Design & delivery of EH&S projects reflecting Bradley curve diagnosis & improvement approach assisting both lead & lag indicators.
    7. Fit for purpose learning & development programs designed to meet an individual organisations needs to introduce change, improve performance & build capability.
    8. Facilitation of team development & planning processes that result in accelerating improvement.
    9. Leadership coaching & 360 feedback tools.

    Recently consulting with:

    Iluka, BHPB Iron Ore, Health Industry, Premier Coal, FMG, Woodside, Wespine, State Government Agencies.

    Prior to managing a successful small consulting company Peter held positions in various organisations. This experience started with frontline operational roles moving on to leading a team based across numerous geographical sites providing services to a wide variety of roles.
    His ability to work with others to achieve sustainable improvements are a hallmark of the projects Peter works on.

    Accreditations include:

  • LSI/GSI practitioner
  • DiSC Behavioural Profiling
  • Lencioni 5Behaviours Team Assessment
  • Situational Leadership II
  • Team Development Stage Assessment
  • Six Sigma
  • Human Synergistic 360 (LSI & LI)
  • Bachelor in Vocational Education
  • Graduate Diploma of Management
  • Over recent years Peter has ensured the consulting projects he is engaged in reflect current research on organisational & individual improvement, including proven evaluation & feedback strategies. Implementation of these tools into Peter’s structured approach enables organisations & participants to apply a well researched & contemporary framework for achieving improved performance.

    Peter is based in the South West of Western Australia regularly travelling for both work & pleasure. Maintaining a regular swimming program is an essential ingredient of Peter’s lifestyle.

    Nicole Heffernan, Consultant

    Nicole Heffernan is an experienced Leadership Development Consultant, Coach and Facilitator with over 10 years’ experience working across a diverse range of industries, including construction, mining, processing, oil and gas, power generation, agriculture, government, education, hospitality and finance.

    She specialises in applying current research in Psychology and Neuroscience to address everyday challenges for organisations and their people. Driven by her passion for helping people to achieve the highest version of themselves, Nicole is known for her ability to work with the most challenging and difficult to engage individuals.

    Nicole’s ability to build strong relationships at all levels of an organisation, and to translate complex problems into simple, applied solutions means that she has experienced significant success with both coaching and consulting clients. She is often described as down-to-earth and practical by those who engage her services and is a highly engaging and entertaining facilitator.

    Nicole prides herself on her unwavering commitment to drive sustainable change for her clients and regularly goes above and beyond to ensure they are fully supported in achieving the outcomes they desire.

    Mandy Knaack, Program Coordinator & Facilitator

    Stay tuned – profile to come very soon.

    08 9483 2406

    Katherine Surley, RTO Consultant

    Katherine has over 20 years of varied business experience working in Canada, the UK, and Australia.  14 years ago, she moved to Perth and began developing, delivering, and assessing qualifications in the Australian Quality Training Framework providing audience-specific, experiential learning.  Undertaking leadership roles led Katherine to further studies, recently achieving a Master of Business Leadership from Curtin Graduate Business School.  Katherine is passionate about passing on her knowledge and experience to others in creative, energetic learning environments with a great sense of humour!


    More recently Katherine worked as a Trainer and Assessor for Sterling Business College, delivering and assessing Vocational Education Training courses from the Business Services Package – Certificate IV to Advanced Diploma levels.  Areas of specialisation are Management, Business and Marketing.


    Units regularly developed, delivered and assessed are included in the following Qualifications:


    Diploma of Leadership and Management Diploma of Business
    Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management Certificate IV in Marketing
    Certificate IV in Small Business Management Diploma of Marketing
    Certificate IV in Business Advanced Diploma of Marketing


    Katherine’s qualifications and accreditations include:

    • Master of Business Leadership
    • Diploma of Leadership and Management (Currently completing)
    • Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment
    • Advanced Certificate in Marketing
    • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
    • DiSC Behaviour Profile

    Although Katherine runs around with her busy family (including a new puppy!), she is mindful of taking time to relax by hanging out with friends, practicing yoga, and being in nature.

    Pam Laidler, Finance Administrator

    Pam is a valued member of the MODAL team, where she applies her extensive financial skills to assist the business prosper.  She is a registered BAS Agent and member of Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

    Pam has over 30 years’ experience in assisting businesses run their day to day financial tasks.   This time has been spent in a variety of positions and industries, from running her own bookkeeping business, working for accounting, construction, import/export and real estate firms to name a few.   Her well rounded wealth of Australian business knowledge has been gained from this diverse and varied background.  She has a love for dogs and chocolate!

    08 9483 2402

    Daisy Pattinson, Program Coordinator

    Stay tuned – profile to come very soon.

    08 9483 2412