Pathway to High Performance Culture

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Performance Culture

“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” describes the well worn path of great strategy never seeing the light of day due to misaligned organisational culture. Every organisation has a culture, but not every organisation takes the time to choose the culture that will enable great performance.

Take our 5 minute Culture Survey to see if your team is on the right path to a high performing culture.

What we do
  • We review the culture of a business with respect to its alignment with business strategy.
Typical triggers for performance culture work include:
  • A disconnect between what’s supposed to be happening and what’s actually happening
  • A strategic shift requiring new or different performance-related behaviours
  • Recognition that a high performance culture is a sustainable competitive advantage in itself

How we do it
  • Most people recognise the outcomes of workplace culture, yet find it harder to understand and measure the complex causes of culture critical to culture change. Our approach makes culture a business issue.
Some key methodology steps include:
  • Initial strategic dialogue with leaders to clarify ‘What does our culture need to look and feel like to deliver the strategy?’
  • A quality, systemic culture diagnostic that allows prioritisation of critical work needed to close the gap
  • Action planning and program setup to ensure integration of work with relevant business initiatives to drive change

Path to High Performance

Culture Links to Business Performance

Impact on Performance

Ready, Set, Go

For some organisations that have not worked with us before, it may seem like a leap of faith to invest money in a program and hope it delivers the agreed results.
  • Are you clear about the direction and what you will need to do to succeed?
  • Do you recognise how essential it is to have the right culture?
  • Where will you start?
  • How can you be reassured you have the right partners? Test/Pilot/Prove
  • Are you clear on the process or the journey?
  • When do you want to start on your journey of sustainable culture change?


Take our 5 minute Culture Survey to see if your team is on the right path to a high performing culture.