Established in 1993 and based in Western Australia, MODAL has operated nationally and internationally with some of the country’s most successful organisations. We take a partnering approach to building capability with our customers and their organisations to improve clarity, engagement, alignment, collaboration and productivity.
Founded by Neil McGrechan, and under the Directorship of Scott Erskine and Ed Benier, MODAL has grown to be one of Western Australia’s most well known leadership development organisations. Our focus is on delivering programs that achieve sustainable behaviour change using proven MODAL methods.

Located in West Perth, we conduct programs in-house as well as on site, interstate and overseas.


Our expertise is in the area of authentic leadership development and transformational behaviour change.
We use techniques that are designed to help build emotional intelligence and change mindsets, as well as skills development. All of our experiential learning activities are aimed at providing a greater transfer of learning for each organisation’s workplace.

We pride ourselves on delivering programs that are customised to you and your organisation’s needs and assist people to change their behaviour, through engaging them in a desire to do so. Not only do we understand that people are fundamental to a business’ success but we also aim to work with leaders who identify with this philosophy.

We are a co-creator and believe in enabling collaboration and communication.
Through this we see the importance of sharing insights and information that assist our customers to achieve lasting behavioural change. Our approach is to make a difference for our customers by focusing on their specific needs.

We can help you solve those critical business challenges.